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underground library logoSo, those who’ve been tuned into my slew of projects and so forth over the years know about my crowning failure. It was called Underground Library. It was located at UndergroundLibrary.info. It was documented at HTMLGIANT. It had a blog at UndergroundLibrary.org, which I’m soon to forward to this new one.

A quick WHOIS search revealed that one Michele McDannold is behind this thing. And I’m going to do everything I can to support her, because what killed my beloved UL was a lack of support. We wrote up a user manual. We did a lot of things. The thing died because no one seemed to give a fuck. Or people were spiteful because I happened to own the thing. People can be petty. The thing had such great potential.

But there’s no need to look into the past. I’m really glad to have the whole notion off my mind; someone else is handling it. I can now focus on d//w without thinking, each time I go there, about the one that got away.

Let’s not repeat history. This is exactly the sort of thing that centers and grounds a movement; that helps it learn from its mistakes; that builds a better future for it. It bothers me a lot that you are rolling your eyes. It bothers me more that you’d have a magazine publish you, but wouldn’t do a fucking thing for it beyond that. Everything after “I,” in statements counter to that, is probably an excuse.

Sorry if I sound angry. I kind of am. At myself, for letting the domain go. It looks like she started this thing up right after ours died. What a beautiful internet!

The Literary Underground Wiki is located here.

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  1. Broadcastr — run by the very fine, apparently very wealthy folks at Electric Literature.
  2. LitList — run by some random developer guy. Slow momentum there, but the concept is great. Waiting for it to engulfed by or integrated with Facebook.
  3. discuss//words — owned and operated by my own organization/company thing, disproductions, it is a real forum for real literary people. Alternate domains for it are soon to be: htmlgiant.net, htmlgiant.org and hyperliterate.com. For sharing on Twitter and so forth, you can use frsh.in/dwfrsh.in being another project of ours.

Everyone’s weird and we’re always in danger.

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