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Ever made fun of a band geek? Ever beat one up? Ever encouraged your kid to make fun of or beat one up? What’s wrong with you?!

I consider myself a writer who “goes there” be it in dirty jest or gritty scene, but I was once a band geek. I marched quads in high school, got hassled, still to this day, get hassled about it. And my intent here is not to sway your opinion but to open you up to a bit of what it’s all about.

Check out this video of the Blue Devils’ quad line:


Close your eyes. The fact that there are four drummers that are playing so “clean” that it sounds like one drummer does not mean something like the planets are aligning. These are MAD SKILLS at their sweetest.

Here’s one with cross-overs:


You may think, “big deal, they’re just throwing sticks around every which way to create structured chaos.” Actually, each stroke, double, triple, diddle is executed individually. There is no throwing down a stick and letting it bounce a few times.

Granted drum corps like Blue Devils and Cavaliers are worlds away from the average high school, but the next time you feel the need to crack a joke or beat up a band nerd, remember the multifaceted tones, diddles, and rimshots in this video:


And yes, they’re called (and I did say) rimshots.

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