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The Ever Popular Glee!

I have a filthy secret. My boyfriend adores Glee. I say we balance each other out because I like monster trucks, contact hockey, and Nitro Circus. So I gave Glee a shot the other night and after two episodes, here is my take on it in a one-hundred word flash: high school kids that abuse classic songs and chart pop to act out adolescent melodrama, where elaborate costumes and props and background music appear out of nowhere despite the fact their conflict is based on budget cuts and 98% of the time there is no audience, everybody has a pre-set dance routine and pre-assigned melody/harmony/backup in randomly inspired sets, and to up the unrealistic nature, there’s a representative of every protected class in the club plus cheerleaders and jocks, everybody dates everybody at least once, and a school bell rings every two to five minutes denoting a scene change.

Here’s a clip: Singing in the Rain

Where did they get all those fancy costumes? There is no audience so all the money dumped into this production was for what? My high school music director would go on a killing spree if anybody ever flooded the school auditorium.

Here’s another clip: Somebody to Love

How did they get from the classroom to the auditorium in Matrix speed? Where did they get that baby powder? Who’s running the lights and sound system? I wonder how much of their sophisticated productions take place in their heads?

No doubt these kids can sing, and I mean really sing, but they’re just so good at everything, dancing, singing, delivery of their dark-humored and witty jokes. Did I mention the cheer leading coach beats up students and throws stuff around?

I’m not bashing Glee, from what I’ve seen in a few episodes, it’s more put together than a lot of stuff on prime time TV, more specifically, prime time Fox, I’m merely stimulating discussion. Your take?

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